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After Elizabeth Taylor passed away, the media starts to show her old movies. Somehow strangely in women’s circle, the conversation revolves around her failed marriages and her cosmetic surgery. I would rather call her “Liz.” Elizabeth Taylor started as a child actor and grew into a prolific actor. She is indeed, a professional actor who […]

Catherine Deneuve, has always been, one of my favorite actors. Most of her characters are breathtakingly beautiful, sensitive, and sophisticated. Recently she made a comment about American women were not particularly more romantic than European women since they would like to have the safety of a marriage. I only hope the interviewer took it out […]


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As I am preparing the workshop for film adaptation, I come to the book of “Push” later made into the film of “Precious.” Though the topic is not something I normally read, I am pressed to see the psche of an sexually abused girl. The book can be explicit at times, but the tone is […]

Mon Oncle

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It is a cute French comedy, modern vs. traditional in a change of time; machine vs. man; dream vs. reality. I especially like the countryside where kids and dogs run, neighbor shout to each other and the accordin music flow in the background. It reminds me of my childhood when nothing was “too close.” The […]

When I was in junior high, my English score was so poor that I felt quite disappointed about myself. Though I almost gave up on my English, my English teacher didn’t; instead, she praised me in front of the class for my persistence. A hope given can perform miracles; and by the time of my […]