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Recently there is a running news about this Chinese teenage sold his kidney to buy an ipad. It stirs up many discussions on the web, and many, admittedly, agree selling ones kidney is really a too high price to pay for an ipad. But in reality, as human beings, we all make the same mistakes, realized it or not. We may lie in our job applications to get a better job, and pay the price of honesty. We may chase after the greed in the corporate world, and pay the price of our souls. We may want to satisfy our lust, and pay the price of fidelity. … When we make decisions in life, we may not realize what we are trading against, sometimes when you realize it is a too high price to pay, it is already too late.

There is one man, one God, who has paid the price of himself to save the world, without regret, and that is, Jesus Christ. Happy Easter!


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