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Somehow, like others, I joined the housewife team to explore the newly opened grocery store “Sprouts.” It was hard to find the parking, and it looked like everyone in the town came here for the fun of Grand Opening. I followed the directions of the parking staff and was ushered into a space, not too tight, not ample either. People were coming out with green bags of “Sprouts,” all part of the opening promotion. I wondered whether I was early enough to get a sturdy green bag like that too. The store was open and bright, and the staff was very friendly. Friendly to a degree that made you wonder if the new fervor would wear out soon. I followed the sales paper and ran into the Dried Apricot stand with a spoon. While an old man was explaining to me how these were made, and I already put a pound of dried apricot in my plastic bag. I gathered some green beans, strawberries and got into the line. When a bag of kettle corn showed a price tag of 99 cents on a nearby stacked stand, I said to myself, what the heck, I would just try it.

Cross the room, I said hello to another parent whose child is in the same elementary school. “Are you going to Armory Center this summer?” “I am not sure.” “Space are running out fast.” … “What did Heidi have for first grade?” “Mrs. Bornhurst.” “What do you have for 2nd grade?” “Mrs. Purdue.” “She is really good. Just like Bornhurst. Strict. We are very happy with her.” I was quite relieved as I was just wondering about the 2nd grade situations.

Information was exchanged in a mere second in a new grocery store, amazing. Maybe I just got the taste of housewife, not desperate.


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