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Just Resigned

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I just resigned, a mix of feelings, depressed, relieved, and stressed. What I most appreciate during this time is the support from the family and encouragement from friends. My daughter is very cute, she said, mommy, I want to read you a book, page 1, mommy cry, mommy sad, page 2, Heidi and daddy comfort mommy. That basically describes it.

Going through life’s ups and downs, as being an immigrant, a working mother, a wife, and as the one who has lost jobs, gained ones, decided to leave ones, I guess I start to settle down with myself, an inner being. I think as a person who has made a few decisions, and an average person who are not immune to any of the life disappointments or praises, I can at least write and hopefully be useful to others who are going through some difficult time or just need some encouragement. From a selfish standpoint, it may help me to heal through the process.


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