Drag-and-Drop Protocol for the X Window System


Comparison to other protocols

XDND was developed because the other DND protocols that have been developed do not satisfy all the requirements discussed in the introductory section of the XDND specification.

Note that since XDND uses a special window property (XdndAware) to signify compliance, it can coexist with all other protocols. Of course, it is our opinion that XDND makes at least most other protocols obsolete.

Please also note that, since some of the protocols discussed here are also under development, this information may be out of date, or we may have simply missed something while scanning their web sites and documentation. If so, please let us know.




Amulet's Drag-and-Drop system is apparently only for use inside a single application. Their documentation only describes their API.

Last updated on April 23, 1999

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