September 11, 2014 on 12:00 pm | In Driving in LA | Comments Off

While stuck in traffic this morning, I noticed a guy in the next lane with his long hair done up in a bun and braided chin hair. This is normal for L.A., but he was driving a grey Audi station wagon!

Later, there was a dragonfly in the next lane. I hope he figured out that he didn’t need to wait in the traffic…

License Plate

June 23, 2011 on 10:00 am | In Driving in LA | No Comments

This morning, I found myself behind a car with the license plate: IH8D210

Shock Absorbers

October 25, 2010 on 11:08 am | In Driving in LA | No Comments

I passed a car on the freeway that had absolutely no shocks. The rear of the car was bouncing with an amplitude of several feet. I saw the driver bouncing up and down inside, too!


January 12, 2009 on 9:59 am | In Driving in LA | No Comments

Today on the way to work, a guy tailgated me so close that I swear I could have counted his eyebrow hairs if I hadn’t been wearing sunglasses. When I was ready to get off the freeway, I decided to annoy him first, so I started blinking to move out of the fast lane and then slowed down before moving over. I could tell from his hand gestures (not the finger, to his credit) that I got through. After I moved over and he passed me, I noticed that the front of his car was smashed up. Note that I could not see this while he was behind me! He must be a slow learner…

Think Outside the Box

January 9, 2009 on 10:54 am | In Driving in LA | No Comments

I saw this on the back windshield of a Scion xB, which I have always called the “delivery van” because it looks like a box. Ironic :)

Highway Robbery

July 22, 2008 on 9:30 am | In Car, Crazy ideas, Driving in LA | No Comments

Forget rising gas prices. The real crime, at least here in Los Angeles, is that millions of drivers are being forced to pay for expensive, sophisticated electronics in their cars that they never use! What are they being scammed into buying, you ask? The turn signal.

Annoying Drivers

February 10, 2008 on 9:01 pm | In Car, Crazy ideas, Driving in LA | No Comments

Have you ever wished you could tell the jerk behind you how you really feel about his tailgating, complete lack of courtesy, etc.? You can, with this 10″x2″ LED Scrolling Message Sign. It mounts on your rear window, plugs into the cigarette lighter, and has a remote control so you can easily choose which message to display.

I originally started thinking about it after the person in the other lank honked at me for not skipping my turn at a 2-to-1 lane merge point created by a road construction crew. After seriously considering starting a company to manufacture such a sign, I figured somebody else probably had already done so :) Understandably, but still sadly, the sign I found has a naughty word filter, so it’s useless in Los Angeles!


June 6, 2006 on 9:22 am | In Driving in LA | No Comments

I was driving to work this morning when a squirrel ran out in front of me. At first, I didn’t slow down because it was so far ahead, but then it decided to stop right in front of me! I slammed on the brakes, which promptly locked up, but at least I managed to stop with a couple of inches to spare. Then, to add insult to injury, the squirrel ran back where it came from! What is it about paved roads that makes squirrels stop half way across??

Left Turn Pockets

June 6, 2006 on 9:15 am | In Driving in LA | No Comments

Not too long ago, I had just passed the bend from Lankershim onto Cahuenga and was heading toward the first stoplight when a car going the opposite direction turned into my lane at the intersection. Luckily, I was far enough away to be able to stop quite easily. He just sat there, and I think he even honked at me. Apparently, he seriously believed that he was in a left turn pocket and that I was in the wrong lane! What part of “double yellow line” did he not understand?


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